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Dreaming Of Army Barracks – Meaning

Dreaming of army barracks is both good and bad as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means you will do something different from your daily routine. It also means living in temporary shelter as part of job or adventure trips. Dreams of army barracks you are terrified means getting kidnapped or captured by hostile people.

Dreaming of army barracks and your seen happy means you will soon settle down in life with a job. It also means you will get temporary relief to an ongoing problem.

Dream of you staying in army barracks means you will soon get opportunity to show your talent. It also means good opportunities will come your way and you should make complete use of it.

Dreaming of play in army barracks means you will soon achieve peace, progress and prosperity. There will be opportunity to get better employment.

Dream of army barracks and there are no one else in it means visiting deserted army place in search of something. It also means you turning to a be detective or searching for clue about a missing person or thing.