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Puli Chamundi Theyyam – Story – Information

Puli Chamundi theyyam is a rare female theyyam performed in certain kavu, tharavadu and temples in Kannur and Kasaragod region of Kerala. As per information this theyyam with Puli or tiger (wild animal belonging to the cat family). As per Puli Chamundi theyyam story, a fully pregnant lady Mathu belonging to the Thiyya community once went to take bath in a brook named Aruvin Chal. She tried to pick some thali from a nearby small forest. Here she was attacked and killed by a tiger. The lady was the only sister of four brothers. They could not tolerate the death of their sister and they cried passionately to the Gods and Goddesses. The gods turned Mathu into a Daiva kolam and she was given a theyyam and got the name Puli Chamundi.

This theyyam is worshipped to overcome fear and for the protection of agricultural land and livestock.

The theyyam also symbolically represents the constant struggle between human society and nature.