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Bhadrachala Ramadasu - Story of Bhadrachala Ramadas

Bhadrachala Ramadas was a devotee of Bhagavan Sri Ram and a great composer of Carnatic music in the 17th century. Story of Bhadrachala Ramadasu shows that without any doubt Bhagavan will appear to save his true devotee from sufferings on earth.

Bhadrachala Ramadas was born as Gopanna in 1620. He was born in a family, which had keen interest in spirituality.

During the reign of Abdul Hasan Tana Shah, the nawab of the Qutub Shahi dynasty at Golconda, Gopanna was appointed as a Tahsildar of Palvancha Paragana, which included the holy Bhadrachalam and the famous Rama Temple.

The holy temple of Sri Ram at Bhadrachalam was in a dilapidated condition. His intense love for Sri Ram made Gopanna help the villagers in rebuilding the temple.

When the villagers did not have enough money, Gopanna was forced to borrow money from the tax revenue of the nawab.

The villagers had promised to pay it back but due to unexpected drought the crop of villagers failed and they could not return the money to Gopanna.

Gopanna failed to pay the tax money and he was imprisoned.

Gopanna composed some of the finest keertanas in his prison cell.

One day two youngsters arrived at the court of nawab and paid the dues of Gopanna with interest.

The golden coins paid by the youngsters had the coronation of Sri Ram on one side and that of Hanuman on other side. It is believed that the youngsters were Sri Ram and Lakshman. The coins that were paid were known as Rama Takka it can be seen even today in the temple.

The nawab realized the greatness of Gopanna and released him. He made the land around the Bhadrachalam Rama Temple tax-free.

The greatness of Gopanna gave him the name Bhadrachala Ramadas.

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