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How Man Looks Upon God Depends On How He Looks Upon Himself

How man looks upon God and the universe depends on how he looks upon himself. As long he looks upon himself as a body-mind complex he is constitutionally bound to look upon God as a superhuman being endowed with all auspicious qualities, with a divine family and children to boot — if his attachment to his own family is deep enough. The world and its sense objects, and the other beings in the world are very real to him.

Swami Vivekananda’s words throw more light on the subject. ‘Suppose a cow were philosophical and had religion, it would have a cow universe, and a cow solution of the problem, and it would not be possible that it should see our God. Suppose cats became philosophers, they would see a cat universe and have a cat solution of the problem of the universe, and a cat ruling it.’

Cows are constitutionally obliged to worship a cow God; cats, a cat God. Similarly, as long as man thinks he is an individual, he cannot but think of a human God, an embodiment of infinite power and strength and endowed with all auspicious qualities.

Says Sri Ramakrishna,‘… in the light of Vedantic reasoning Brahman has no attributes. The real nature of Brahman cannot be described. But so long as your individuality is real, the world is also real, and equally real are the different forms of God and the feeling that God is a person.