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Dreaming Of Black Taxi – Meaning

Dreaming of black taxi is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means sophistication and authority. It also means change of luck and better financial fortune. You will soon feel secure and protected. Dreams of black taxi and you wake up terrified or crying means old memories will haunt you. It also means someone who you wished never to see again in your life will return.

Dream of black taxi and you see lights and glitter means you will be attending formal and prestigious events. It also means honor and respect.

Dreaming of black taxi and you see opposite sex means you will see your desires fulfilled related to relationship or sex.

Dreams of black taxi and you see friends and family members means desire fulfillment especially related to buying something. It also means other people happy for your materialistic gains. It also means professional engagements, meetings and interviews.

Dream of black taxi and there is total loneliness means death or accidents. It also means there will be a period of mourning.