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Pulamaruthan Theyyam – Story - Information

Pulamaruthan Theyyam is a rare theyyam performed in certain temples, kavus and tharavadu in Kannur and Kasargod districts of Kerala. As per information, this theyyam is performed in places where Goddess Arya Poonkani or Arya Poomala is worshipped by Pulaya community. Goddess Arya Poomala does not have a theyyam of her own. As per Pulamaruthan Theyyam story

Goddess Arya Poomala was once enjoying the flowers in the garden in heaven. But heavenly damsels disturb the garden by plucking the flowers. Goddess Aryapoomala takes the help of the guards to protect the garden. She approaches a Shiva Bhoota Gana who was hiding in the form of wind in a flower in the garden.

Goddess Arya Poomala gave him the name Pulamaruthan. He protects the garden and its flowers by driving away the damsels of heaven through sorcery, magic and trickery.

Goddess Aryapoomala was impressed by Pulamaruthan and gave him the status of her brother. She took him to her personal garden, Arya Poonkavanam.

One day Pulamaruthan expressed the desire to see Malanad to Goddess Aryapoomala. But they did not have a small boat to cross the seas. During this time, the daughter of King Ariya came to the garden form observing Poora Vratham.

Goddess Arya Poomala entered the princess and she caused trouble to her. The princess fell down unconscious. Through astrologers, King Ariya learned about the desire of Goddess Aryapoomala.

Vishwakarma arrived on the orders of the King Ariya and built a boat for the Goddess. Goddess Aryapoomala and Pulamaruthan started their journey towards Malanad in the boat.

The theyyam is performed in those temples and sacred places where Pulamaruthan visited.