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Tallest Ganesha Statue In The World – Not In India But In Thailand

The world’s tallest Ganesha statue is located in Thailand. A pink Ganesha at Wat Phrong Akat is 160 feet high by 62 feet wide. The four-hand Ganesh holds axe, lotus, modak and broken tusk. A snake is tied on his waist. Mouse (vahana or vehicle of Ganpati) is found in the base of the statue. The region has two other huge Ganesha statues.

A standing bronze statue at Khlong Khuean Ganesh International Park is 98 feet tall, and a reclining Ganesha at Wat Saman Rattanaram is 52 feet tall and 72 feet long.

In Thailand, the elephant-headed God Ganpati is called Phra Phikanet, worshiped as the Deity of fortune and success, and the remover of obstacles.

Earlier the tallest Ganesha statue in the world was located at Kolhapur in Maharashtra.