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Dreaming Of Yellow Taxi – Meaning

Dreaming of yellow taxi is both positive and negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will go on journey that is associated with creativity. It also means going to do something that will give you happiness and optimism. Dreams of yellow taxi and you are uncomfortable in the dream means you will not show the courage to do something important. It also means being sick and physically uncomfortable. It also means you will be a coward. You will make excuses or be deceptive.

Dreams of yellow taxi and you see other people means participating in something that will be inspiring. It also means interacting with intellectual people.

Dream of yellow taxi and you are screaming or trying to get out means you need to be extra cautious while traveling alone during night and in unknown places.

Dreaming of yellow taxi and you see family members or friends means you will get to hear a happy news. It also means fun and joyful ride.

Dream of yellow taxi and you see a person you do not like means jealousy and emotional fragility.

Dreams of several yellow taxis together means fear, depression, negative thinking and anxiety.