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Dreaming Of Broken Umbrella – Meaning

Dreaming of broken umbrella is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will not save money for future and it will result in difficulties. It also means forced to adjust with a malfunctioning thing in an emergency. Neglecting important things of life will cause misery in near future. Dreams of broken umbrella means you might face rough weather or natural calamities.

Dream of broken umbrella and you are not seen in the dream means a bad decision of yours will affect other people.

Dreaming of broken umbrella and you are seen attempting to repair it means you will not get help from people you expected.

Dreams of broken umbrella and you are seen with other people means shame or embarrassment. It also means you will be unable to provide a solution when required.

Dream of broken umbrella and it is colorful means disappointment in a relationship. It also means someone will abandon you halfway through a trip.