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Malayalam Mantra to Be Chanted While Putting Sindoor By Married Women

Married women apply sindoor between the partings of the hair. This is an auspicious sign and is performed for the happiness of family and for the health of all family members. It is also applied for the long life of husband and for a happy married life. This particular mantra is chanted while putting sindoor by married woman.

ലളിതേ സുഭഗേ ദേവി
അനന്തം ദേവി സൗഭാഗ്യം
 മഹ്യം തുഭ്യം നമോ നമഃ

Lalithe Subhage Devi
Sugha Soubhagya Dayini
Anantham Devi Soubhagyam
Mahyam Tubhyam Namo Namah

The mantra is to be chanted three times. The mind should be clean and there should be no impure thoughts. Sindhoor should never be applied by cursing or in anger.