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Malayalam Ganesha Mantra For Exam – Success In Interviews

Ganesha is the one who removes all kinds of troubles and difficulties in life. It is widely believed that worshipping Ganapathi with unwavering devotion will help in getting good marks in exam and also for success in interviews. Here is a Ganesha mantra in Malayalam to be chanted daily for success in examinations and to perform well in interviews.

ഗജാനനം ഭൂത ഗണാതി സേവിതം
കപിത്ഥജംഭൂ ഫല സാര ഭക്ഷിതം
ഉമാസുതം ശോക വിനാശ കാരണം
നമാമി വിഗ്നേശ്വര പാദ പങ്കജം

The mantra is to be chanted in the morning before sunrise and then again in the evening after sunset. The mantra should be chanted 108 times. The person chanting the mantra should have single-minded focus. The person should have utmost discipline and avoid all kinds of activities that rise passion in the mind. The person should concentrate fully on the work in hand.