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Nilachakra - The Discus or Wheel - and the Flag - Atop Puri Jagannath Temple

The flag hoisted on the Nilachakra atop the Puri Jagannath Temple is called as Patita Pavana Bana. The term ‘patita pavana bana ‘means ‘Purifier of the Fallen’. The flag is believed have the power to remove sins from the heart of the people. It is believed that mere sighting of the flag helps in redemption of sins.


Nilachakra is located atop the soaring spire of the Deula of Srimandira, the tallest tower of the Puri Jagannath Temple Complex.

The belief is that a devotee can offer worship to the presiding deities in the Puri Jagannath Temple by offering the worship to Nilachakra from a long distance.

Nilachakra is a sacred wheel and literally it means the blue wheel or the blue discus.

This huge blue discus is made of Ashta Dhatu or eight metals. It is the symbol of Lord Vishnu’s Sudarshana Chakra. Its presence emphasis the role of Vishnu as protector – that the Lord destroys the evil (Adharma) and protects the pious and the devout who follow Dharma.

Nilachakra is also a symbol to identify that the temple is dedicated to Vishnu or his avatars and follows Vaishnava traditions.

Patitapabana Bana
The flag on the highest point of Puri Jagannath Temple is several meters long. The flag is only associated with Jagannath and it symbolically tells a devotee that He alone can redeem devotees from their sins.