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Kumaraguru – Hindu God Kumara Guru - Shiva Becomes Student of His Son

Kumaraguru is one of the names of Lord Muruga who is also known as Subrahmanya, Skanda and Kartik. Kumaraguru is two words ‘Kumar’ and ‘Guru.’ Kumar means boy and Guru means teacher. As Kumaraguru, Lord Kartik is believed to have advised Lord Shiva regarding the greatness and meaning of Pranavam or ‘OM.’ Thus Muruga who is the son of Lord Shiva took the role of Guru.

Legend has it that once Lord Muruga and Lord Brahma were conversing and Lord Muruga wanted to know what all Brahma knew. Lord Brahma said that he is all knowledge and he knows everything.

Lord Muruga then asked Lord Brahma how many verses were there in Rig Veda. Lord Brahma then started reciting the Rig Veda and when Brahma uttered the syllable ‘OM’, Lord Muruga wanted to know its meaning.

Lord Brahma said that he is the meaning of ‘OM.

Lord Muruga did not like this answer and he got angry and imprisoned Brahma for not properly answering his question and for belittling the Pravanam.

After imprisoning Lord Brahma, Kumaraguru took on the role of the creator.
Devas and saints prayed to Lord Shiva to intervene and secure the release of Lord Brahma.

Lord Shiva intervened and asked Muruga why he had imprisoned Lord Brahma. Lord Muruga said that Lord Brahma told him that he is the embodiment of knowledge and when asked the meaning of ‘OM’ he did not give the correct answer and this punishment is for his arrogance.

Lord Shiva then asked Muruga to tell the meaning of ‘OM’. Lord Muruga told Shiva that the meaning of ‘OM’ is the most guarded secret and it should only be told by a Guru to a Shishya who is ready and truly wants to learn about it.

Shiva then asked Muruga to accept him as a Shishya and tell him the meaning of ‘Om’.
Lord Muruga then explained the importance and meaning of ‘OM’ to Lord Shiva and thus Muruga came to known as Kumaraguru.

Due to this lila of Shiva and Muruga, living beings came to know about the importance of OM

After this incident, Lord Muruga is also known as Shivaguru, Shivagurunathan, Thagappan Swami, Guruswami, Gurunathan, Guruguhan, Paramaguru and Skandaguru.

Lord Kartik as Kumaraguru is more popular in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. This story is also popular in Tamil Nadu.

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