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Story of Bhangaswana, the king who remained a mother and woman

King Bhangaswana performed a powerful yajna and attained several sons. In the yajna, Indra, the king of celestial beings, was not made the main dignitary. Indra thus nursed a grudge against King. The story of Bhangaswana, who remained a mother and woman, begins from here.

Legend has it that one day during a hunting expedition King Bhangashvana came across a beautiful lake. He divided into the lake and played in the waters. When he came out of the lake he found himself transformed into a woman, this was due to the action of Indra who was secretly following the king.

The king was unable to face his subjects in the form of a woman. So he handed over his kingdom to his sons and stayed back in the forest.

The king here befriended a tribal man and they were blessed with several children. After several years the king sent the children to live their brothers in the kingdom.

The might of the kingdom increased due to the unity among the powerful children.

Indra was angrier as his plans were not succeeding. The kingdom was becoming more and more powerful. Indra then took the form a Brahmin and causes enmity between the brothers. The brothers killed each other.

King Bhangashvana then approached the Brahmin and wanted to know the reason for his enmity. Indra then revealed this true form and during the conversation, Indra realized his folly and asked the king to make a wish.

The king begged him to bring his sons to life.

Indra agreed to revive either the sons the king had as a father or the sons he had as a mother.

The king immediately asked to resurrect the sons that he had as a mother.

Indra wanted to know the reason as the older sons of the king were more powerful and better kings.

To this the King replied that the sons born to him as a mother were dearer to him.

Indra was pleased with the king and restored all his sons.

Indra then decided to restore the masculinity of the king. But the king asked him to let her remain as a mother and woman forever. The king was convinced that nothing can surpass the state of motherhood in the world.

Thus King Bhangaswana remained a mother and woman for the remaining part of his life.