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Malayalam Ganesha Mantra – വക്രതുണ്ഡ മഹാകായ Lyrics - Lines

The prayer starting with Vakratunda Mahakaya (വക്രതുണ്ഡ മഹാകായ) is a famous prayer dedicated to Ganapathi in Malayalam. The prayer is chanted for attaining moksha and self realization through spirituality. The prayer is also chanted for peace, prosperity, to overcome fear, to defeat enemies and to protect money, property and wealth. Below is the വക്രതുണ്ഡ മഹാകായ prayer lyrics or lines in Malayalam. The prayer is chanted in the morning along with sunrise and in the evening on auspicious days dedicated to Ganapati.

വക്രതുണ്ഡ മഹാകായ സൂര്യകോടി സമപ്രഭ.
നിര്വിഘ്നം കുരുമേ ദേവ സര്വ്വ കാര്യേഷു സര്വ്വധാ

Benefits of chanting വക്രതുണ്ഡ മഹാകായ include –
To solve legal and problems hurting the mind
To end fights between family members
Early solution to all kinds of troubles in life
For success in interviews and exams
Removal of obstacles in life that are threatening your happiness
Help In Finding Job
Early Marriage
Desire Fulfillment