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Dreaming Of Praying To God – Meaning

Dreaming of praying to god is considered highly auspicious as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means attitude and behavior change you can win the favor of the gods. It also means you will need divine help in near future for success or to overcome a serious problem. Dreams of praying to god and your seen tired or not your usual self means health issue to you or a family member.

Dreaming of praying to god and you are happy means you will see peace. There will be change of luck and there will be gains in property and financial matters. 

But praying to god and you are constantly disturbed or there is evil in the dream is considered bad. This means you will face sudden problems in life. 

Dream of praying alone in a deserted place is a sign of emotional issues and you might need help from other people.

Dream of you praying to god and are sad or angry or crying means you will soon question the value of god. It means your prayers will not be answered. It also means you might face challenges in life and God will be no help to you. There will be no luck. The dream is asking you to mentally prepare for a crisis.

Dream of praying to god and you see people crying or shouting or wearing black or white color dress means death of a person you know.

Dream of praying to god in colorful clothes means success, marriage or other functions in your life.