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Dreaming Of Buying Eggplant – Meaning

Dreaming of buying eggplant is a positive sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means you will soon be joining something new and exciting. It also means fulfillment of desires especially associated with body and beauty. It also means you will decide to change your food habits. Dreams of buying eggplant and you are seen hiding it or embarrassed means you will do kinky stuffs or experiment with sexual fantasies.

Dream of buying eggplant and if the color is purple means you will get promotion or new job or recognition. It also means unhappy with food or fights over a dish at home.

Dream of buying black eggplant means you will turn religious and seek solace in spirituality. It is again associated with boring food or due to a health issue you will be asked to not to eat food of your choice.

Dreaming of buying green color eggplant means you will soon move to a new place and you will make progress here. It also means marriage or new relationship. The dream also means attempting to cook something new.

Dreaming of buying white color eggplant is associated with lack of motivation and bad health.