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Dreaming Of Hitting A Child – Meaning

Dreaming of hitting a child is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you need to keep your calm and cool as there will some intense situations and provocations which might result in you hitting a child. It also means children causing serious trouble to the family. Dreaming of hitting a child and you are seen repenting it means you might misunderstand a situation. It also means you taking out your anger on your children.

Dream of hitting a child and you see the child not crying means your inability to fight a stronger opponent. It means you will be bullied by someone higher than you in status or strength and you will try to take it out on a weak person.

Dreaming of hitting a child and you do not see anyone else means trouble in family. It also means spouse deserting you.

Dreams of hitting a child and the child is laughing means your threats and methods of discipline will have no effect. It also means all your efforts to do something good for a person will serve no useful purpose.