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Flower – Leaves And Plant Offered To Hindu Goddess Parvati

Offerings are made to Hindu Goddess Parvati, the Mother Goddess Adi Parashakti, to achieve success, for early marriage and for desire fulfillment. The favorite plant dedicated to Goddess Parvati is little tree plant or biophytum sensitivum. This plant or its leaves or flowers are offered to Goddess especially during the sunrise period facing northeast or during pradosham period just before sunset. It is believed that taking care of the plant will help in success in life. The offering also helps a person in having a good life partner and happy and peaceful married life.

The plant and flower is known as -

Little tree plant or biophytum sensitivum in English

Mukkutti in Malayalam

Wearing the plant on hair helps in having a long married life and for begetting healthy and intelligent children.

Please note that this plant is not the ‘touch me not’ plant or lajjalu.