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Symbolic Meaning Of Colors In Hinduism

Color in Hindu consciousness has a deeper symbolic meaning.

White light is the origin of the entire spectrum of colors. It denotes purity, innocence and peace.

Red, on symbolic level, is associated with happiness and contentment, along with the heart, flesh and emotion. Warm red is passion, love and lust. Red has the nature of fire and stands for courage and self-sacrifice. Vermilion is the Hindu auspicious red. Red keeps away insects. As it moves towards pink, it seems more relaxed, friendlier and more feminine.

Orange is warm color of endurance and strength and closely associated with autumn and the earth. It is stimulating, spiritually optimistic, and generates energy and happiness.

The saffron color of a sannyasi’s robe is not this orange but the light or faded brown (kavi), which denotes not only a detachment from the glamor of life but also the apprehension of counter things.

Yellow is traditionally associated with intelligence. It is the color of spring, the sun, light, intensity, happiness, laughter and all auspiciousness. Rice is mixed with turmeric powder (akshadai), which is showered by elders while blessing (ashirvada).

Green is the color of life and of the silent power of nature. It is youth and fertility, prosperity and freshness. Its attributes include a relaxing effect and sedative properties and are related to the qualities of stability, security and emotional balances.

Blue is the color of the infinite, of the sky and of the water. Hindu gods are blue in color as they represent the infinite. It represents a pious, tranquil and sincere nature. Dark blue is related to characteristics of nobility and power.

Violet absorbs the passion of red and the spirituality of the blue. Fresh air takes this hue. Purple denotes royalty and high rank.

Black wards off effects cast by an evil eye, for it has the power to digest and absorb al negative flows. Black also disciplines one to observe strict fasts.

Gold, the most priced, stands for honor and loyalty.

Silver is for purity and faith.