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Dreaming Of Priest – Meaning

Dreaming of priest is considered to be an auspicious and good as per dream meaning and interpretation. It is an indication that with positive attitude and behavior change you can change the course of your life and achieve success. Dreams of priest also mean you have luck and blessings for success in new ventures and job.

Dreaming of priest in house means that you can expect a religious function in your house. You will need the help of a priest to solve a family problem.

Dreaming of priest angry or doing destructive things in dream means you will face problems in life especially due to your anger and bad behavior. It also means you doing unwanted things and getting into trouble.

Dream of priest and you see darkness or you wake up terrified means your enemies will be active. It also means someone you thought was good and helpful might turn out to be a bad person.

Dreaming of priest talking to you is a sign of happiness and hope in life.

Please not that the dream should happen naturally and should not be the result of some activity that had taken place on the day. Dreams which are influenced by movies, television or real life incident have no value. Only those dreams that happen without any influence have meaning and talks about future.