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Four Types Of Creation In Hindu Religion

There are four types of creation in Hindu religion and this secret was revealed to Daksha by Brahma. The four types of creation takes place in the beginning of the cycle of a creation.

Sankalpa Srishti – This is the creation by will and it is the primary mode of creation. This is the greatest and noblest form of creation and is the exclusive prerogative of the Supreme Truth or Brahman. Creation begins with the will of the Supreme Being.

Sandarsna Srishti – In this form creation takes place by a mere look. The male form can impregnate the female form with a mere look in this kind of creation.

Sparsha Srishti – In this form the female conceives at the mere touch of the male.

Samparka Srishti – The offspring is produced by the conjugal or genital union of male and female bodies. Just as havis, the ritual offering, is placed in the pit of the sacrificial fire, the male inserts his seed into the female’s womb, where it fertilizes her egg, develops and takes birth as progeny.