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Malayalam Ganesha Mantra For Solution To Legal Problems – Court Cases

Ganesha is the one who removes all kinds of troubles and difficulties. It is widely believed that worshipping Ganapathi with unwavering devotion will help in removing all kinds of legal issues. You will also achieve success in court cases. Here is a Ganesha mantra in Malayalam to be chanted daily for victory in legal problems and for early and successful settlement of court cases.

സര്വ്വവിഘ്നഹരം ദേവം സര്വ്വവിഘ്നവിവര്ജ്ജിതം

സര്വ്വസിദ്ധിപ്രദാതാരം വന്ദേഹം ഗണനായകം

The mantra is to be chanted in the morning during sunrise and then again in the evening after sunset. The mantra should be chanted 108 times. The person chanting the mantra should have single-minded focus and should meditate on Ganpati. The person should visit a Ganapathi temple daily and ask for forgiveness of sins committed in this birth and previous births.