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Neecha Graha In Hindu Astrology

Neecha Graha is a debilitated planet in Hindu astrology. While assessing the strength of a planet in a horoscope, the sadbalas are considered. Among them is sthanbala or the positional strength. It is important to know whether a planet occupies its own sign, a friendly sign, neutral sign, inimical sign, or a house of exaltation (uccha) or debilitation (nicha). All planets have certain exaltation points (E) and debilitation points (D). From D to E, there is a gradual increase of uccabala; it reaches a maximum at E, and then declines gradually until it goes to D, where it is minimum.

The debilitation points of the various planets are as follows –

  1. Sun or Surya – Tula or libra
  2. Moon or Chandra – Vrischika or Scorpio
  3. Mars or Chowa or Mangal – Kataka or Cancer
  4. Mercury or Budha – Meena or Pisces
  5. Jupiter or Guru or Brihaspati or Vyazham – Makara or Capricorn
  6. Venus or Shukra– Kanya or Virgo
  7. Saturn or Shani – Mesha or Aries
  8. Rahu – Vrischika or Scorpio, according to some it is Dhanu (Saggitarius)
  9. Ketu – Vrishabha (Taurus), according to some it is Mithuna (Gemini)

The debilitation point is dramatically opposite to the exaltation point. Debilitation means a kind of depression. When in depression, the planet is said to be very weak in its action. Nichagrahas give result contrary to those in uccha or exaltation.

However, there are some conditions which function as corrective measures for nicha effect of a planet. These are called nichabhanga; they may also turn out to be auspicious (Raja Yoga).

Some of the conditions of Nicabhanga Raja Yoga are:

  1. The lord of the planet’s debilitation house getting exalted or located in a Kendra.
  2. The lord of the planet’s debilitation house aspecting the debilitation house.
  3. The lord of the debilitation house, the lord of the house of exaltation of that planet occupying a Kendra to the Moon and several other conditions.