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Dreaming Of Nearly Drowning – Meaning

Dreaming of nearly drowning is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means that you will face sudden hardships. It also means a fun turning into a nightmare. Dreams of nearly drowning also means you are in an insecure relationship or which might result in physical abuse in future.

Dream of nearly drowning and you are crying means you will see break up and serious problems in relationship due to interference of other people. It also means you will escape from an accident but someone else will get killed.

Dreaming of nearly drowning and you are happy means you will get into better relationships soon. You will start doubting about your current relationship and might dump it. It also means lucky escape from an accident.

Dream of nearly drowning and there are other people means you might face physical problems as part of group. You should avoid lonely places and also getting into arguments or fights with strangers.

Dreams of nearly drowning and you know the place means it is time to focus on safety aspects in your area.

Dreaming of nearly drowning in an unknown place is associated with troubles during vacation or picnic. It also means you should avoid risky places and listen to all instructions.