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Chittoor Sri Krishna Swamy Temple – History – Festival

Chittoor Sri Krishna Swamy temple is located at South Chittoor, northwestern part of Kochi, Ernakulam district, Kerala. The shrine is dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Krishna and is associated with Guruvayoor temple.

The sankalpam of Sri Krishna in the temple is in the form in which he appeared before Devaki and Vasudeva in the prison of Kamsa. For some devotees, Bhagavan is Guruvayoorappan himself. The shrine was constructed during the 13th century CE.

The main vigraham of Bhagavan Krishna here is in the standing posture with four hands (Chatur Bahu) - Sankhu (conch), the Sudarshana chakram (a serrated disk), the Lotus and Mace.

The temple has a chathura sreekovil – square shaped and the roof is covered with copper sheets. There is a namaskara mandapam, chuttambalam, temple pond, and Kodimaram (flag pole).

The annual festivals and rituals in the temple include Niramala, Chittoor Ekadashi, Ashtami Rohini, Punartham Thirunal Sadhya in Meena Masam, Lakshadeepam and Deepavali annual festival.

The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Shiva, Ganapathy, Kandan Kulangara Bhagavathy, Hanuman, Brahma Rakshas and Nagas.

Adiya Enna ie.oil extracted from the vigraha of Bhagavan after abhishekam is a divine and powerful medicine for Vatham (Rheumatic Complaints).

Chittoor Sri Krishna Swamy Temple Timings
Morning darshan and puja timings are from 3:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Evening darshan and puja timings are from 4:30 PM to 8:10 PM

Chittoor Sri Krishna Swamy Temple History

The history of the temple is associated with Moopil Narayanan Kartha and Guruvayoor temple. He was a member of the Cheranalloor Swaroopam, the family which protected the land. From a young age Moopil Narayanan Kartha was into spirituality and visited sacred places in the land. He finally settled in Guruvayoor.

Narayanan was happy praying Guruvayurappan until he became the senior-most male member (Moopil Kartha) of Cheranalloor Swaroopam. Family members requested him to return home and take new responsibility as Moopil Kartha. Moopil Narayanan Kartha did not want to leave Guruvayur, but he could not reject the responsibility as Moopil Kartha. Unable to take a decision he prayed Guruvayurappan for proper guidance. The guidance was in dream to him "I would not leave you, go to your village, I will accompany you by riding on your bamboo umbrella. When you reach your village, wherever your umbrella touches the ground, build a temple there and I will appear for you every day during uccha puja (noon puja ceremony).

Moopil Narayanan Kartha started his journey to back to Cheranalloor village. When he reached the present site of the temple, due to tiredness, happened to place the umbrella on the ground. When he tried to lift umbrella, it won't move and he recalled his dream.

Moopil Narayanan Kartha built a small Sreekovil and a lonely Mandapam seven centuries ago. He collected Anjanasila from a pond in the vicinity and blessed carver sculptured it in a perfect Krishna form.

Moopil Kartha invited Guruvayurappan's Thanthri Chennas Namboothiripad to install the Vigraha. The Vigraha was installed on Punartham nakshatra day in Malayalam month Meenam. Moopil Kartha donated precious gems and coins and articles in a gold plate to Thantri. When the Dhanam was done, Kartha gave away everything on the gold plate, but he did not give the gold plate. Thanthri blessed Moopil immediately the temple will be ‘bit below Guruvayur as the dhanam was incomplete.’

Narayanan kartha spent his left over years, praying to Krishna, and left this world for Vaikuntha. The later Karthas looked after the temple with intense bhakthi and fulfilled entire vision of Moopil Kartha for centuries after him. After so many years the temple was taken over by another devotee, the Rama Varma Maharaja of Cochin Royal family.