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Nabapatrika Puja 2024 Date – Patrika Pravesh during Durga Puja

Patrika Pravesh is an important ritual held during the Durga Puja and it is observed on the Saptami day. Patrika Pravesh 2024 date is October 10. This puja is also known as Nabapatrika Puja or Nabapatrika Pooja.  ‘Nava’ means nine and ‘Patrika’ means leaves in Sanskrit and Nabapatrika is part of rituals during Durga Puja and is installed on Saptami day. The leaves are also known as Nine Durgas.

Nabapatrika symbolize nine deities worshipped in Hinduism. The nine plants are plantain (Banana), Kacu, Turmeric, Jayanti, Wood Apple (Bilva), Pomegranate, Ashoka, Arum and Rice Paddy or Dhanya. During dawn on Saptami day, just as the first light of sun descents on earth, Nabapatrika puja is performed.

The Pran Pratishta, or life, is breathed into the idol of Goddess Durga. The ritual is performed on the Ghats of a river or pond. The idol of Goddess Durga is not taken to the pond instead life is symbolically transferred from water to plantain tree.

The ritual is an elaborate one and the stem of the banana tree is draped in a new red and white saree and the leaves are left uncovered. The banana plantain and other leaves are brought back in a procession and it is placed near Lord Ganesha in the Durga Puja Pandal.

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