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Dreaming Of Bird Nest – Meaning

Dreaming of bird nest is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means opportunity to settle down in a place. It also means marriage or moving into a new house. Dreams of bird nest are also associated with pregnancy and birth of children. It also means you will have a busy period soon.

Dream of bird nest and you are seen in the dream means soon you will see change in financial fortune. It also means there will decision regarding ancestral property. You can also expect legal matters to be settled soon.

Dreams of bird nest and you are seen disturbing it means you will not realize the consequences of certain actions of yours. This will result in serious problems in life.

Dreaming of bird nest and there are birds or chicks in it means birth in the family. It also means children related problems will keep you occupied.

Dream of bird nest in your house means you will have to accommodate a friend or relative for a long time.