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Viveka Sindhu – Book On Vedanta By Mukundaraya

Viveka Sindhu is a vedantic book written by Mukundaraya, a well known saint-poet,who probably flourished in the late 12th century CE. Mukundaraya upheld the atman-Brahman identity of Upanishads in the work on Vedanta.

Realization of the highest atman was declared as the highest goal of human endeavor in the book. The title ‘Viveka Sindhu’ is significant. It literally means ‘ocean of discrimination’.

The first part of the work describes the characteristics of worthy teacher and a worthy student. Then certain topics like panchikarana and elucidation of the expression of ‘sarvam brahmam’ are dealt elaborately. In the next half, the implications of mahavakya ‘tatvamasi’ are explained. Then follows the denial of linga deha and a description of sayujya-bhakti. The worki s rich in metaphor and abounds in colloquial words which are easily understood.