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If I Do Everything What Will God Do? – Story

The previous night of the fish eye test in the Mahabharata Sri Krishna gives Arjuna an important lesson.

Krishna – Climb the weighing scale carefully keep your legs properly balanced, keep your eyes focused on the fish eye.

Arjuna interrupts impatiently – If I have to do everything what will you do?

Krishna gives an enamoring reply – I will do what you are incapable of doing.

Arjuna – What is that I cannot do?

Krishna – I will keep the water steady.

The essence of the story is that we must do our actions wholeheartedly. What is Bhagavan capable of doing is beyond the comprehension of our mind.

The statement "we must do our actions wholeheartedly" emphasizes the importance of giving our full dedication and commitment to our endeavors. It suggests that when we engage in actions with sincerity, passion, and dedication, we are more likely to achieve success and fulfillment in our endeavors.

The second part of the statement, "What Bhagavan is capable of doing is beyond the comprehension of our mind," refers to the concept of Bhagavan, a term commonly used in Hinduism to refer to the Supreme Being or God. This part of the statement highlights the idea that the abilities and powers of the Divine are beyond human understanding. It implies that there are aspects of the universe and existence that are beyond the scope of human comprehension and intellect.

Together, these two parts of the statement encourage individuals to approach their actions with dedication and sincerity while acknowledging the vastness and incomprehensibility of the divine forces that may influence the outcomes of their endeavors. It suggests humility in the face of the unknown and a recognition of the limits of human understanding.