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Aparajita Devi Mantra

Aparajita Devi mantra is dedicated to Goddess Aparajita. The mantra is chanted for achieving victory over enemies. It is also chanted by people participating in various competitions. The mantra is ideal for sportsmen and sports women.

Aparajita Devi Mantra

'मम सकुटुम्बस्य क्षेम सिद्धयर्थे अपराजिता पूजनं करिष्ये'

The mantra should be chanted facing northeast or east. The ideal time to chant the mantra is early mornings. The mantra should be chanted 108 times.

Lamp lit using pure cow ghee should be placed while chanting the mantra. The mantra should be chanted after taking bath. There should be both internal and external purification.