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Mantra For Acidity In Hindu Religion

Mantra for acidity in Hindu religion is associated with Bhagavan Mahadev Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Shiva is the great physician who cures all kinds of illness. This particular mantra for acidity seeks the blessing of both Shiva and Goddess Gauri.

Mantra For Acidity

सुख शान्तिदात्री धन धान्य प्रदीयनीम्।
डमरूवाद्य प्रिया अद्या महागौरी प्रणमाभ्यहम्॥

The mantra should be chanted in the morning hours during sunrise or during the evening pradosham period (the time period before sunset). The mantra should be chanted with devotion and a clean body. It must be noted here that the mantra is not a substitute to medicine. You should follow the advice of your physician strictly.