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Dreaming Of Narasimha – Meaning

Dreaming of Narasimha is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will have wish of yours fulfilled soon. It also means you will use physical force to achieve something. Dreams of Narasimha and you see aarti or bhajan along with it means you will get to hear happy news soon about relationship or job.

Dreaming of Narasimha and the time period in the dream is sunset means it will definitely come true. It means that you should turn spiritual and avoid all kinds of bad things and evil company. Do not cheat or take bribe as it will be caught and your life will be destroyed.

Dreaming of Narasimha and there is blood or ferociousness means you might face a threat to your life in the form of accident, natural calamity, attack or animals or reptiles and also by attack of enemies.

It is very rare to see Narasimha in dream and the dream to have a meaning it should happen naturally not after thinking or seeing or talking about Narasimha during the day time.