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Meena Rashi 2023 Predictions – Meen Rashifal 2023 Moon Sign Predictions

As per Meena Rashi 2023 predictions based on moon sign, this rashi born individuals will have a year of severe ups and downs. As per Meena Rashifal 2023, those looking for new job will be dissatisfied. Death in family or someone close to you will come as a shock. January, March, August, and December 2023 are good months. February, May, July and November 2023 are bad months. April, June, September and October 2023 are months neither good nor bad.

Career – Some long pending career legal battles will be won. Those looking for new job will find it difficult. There will be sudden reversal in career due to change in management.

Finance – There will be extra income in certain months. There will be damage due to property and vehicles. You will be a victim of fraud or cheating. Loans will be approved. You might win lotteries. Some damage due to natural calamities.

Health – Chance of accidents are high. You might face a sudden health issue related to bones or veins. Take good care of health as you might regret it later.

Relationship – New friendship with opposite sex. Minor fights in married life might turn into big issues. People might misunderstand your good intentions. Those in relationship will face family pressure to drop it. Romance and love will flourish with blessing of friends.

Delay in marriage in the beginning but things will smoothen after some minor hiccups. Those looking for remarriage will get favorable response.

Travels will be tiring but successful. Opportunity to travel abroad.

Students will face some disappointments and authority related problems. It is better to avoid fights in this year and concentrate on your work.