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Baba Panap Das Ji – Information

Baba Panap Das Ji is a Hindu saint and founder of Panap panth. He was born in 1719 CE and his birthplace is said to be somewhere in Uttar Pradesh.

Panap Das Ji was brought up by a mason because his parents could not support him. When young, Panap was absolutely detached from worldly affairs. He was sharp-minded and gained proficiency in Sanskrit and Persian within a short time.

He got deeksha from Mahatma Magni Ramji at Tijara (Alwar district, Rajasthan). Magni Ram advised Panap Das that he should perform his sadhana quite secretly.

Once, he went to Dhampur in Bijnor district, Uttar Pradesh, where a house was under construction. He started working as a laborer at this site. He was initiated into spiritual sadhana by a saint who happened to pass by.

Thereafter, Panap Das reached Delhi and exhorted the people to take to the path of meditation. After some time, he returned to Dhampur and started working as a laborer at the same building site. The other laborers got jealous of Panap Das because he worked hard. The laborers carried tales against Panap das to the house owner. However, a miracle happened; the house owner dedicated the building to Panap Das.

Panap Das stayed at Dhampur and the building dedicated to him became the center of his preaching. His spiritual personality impressed many seekers. Thousands became his disciples. Panap Das wrote some verses which reveal the secrets of his spirituality. These are collected in Panap Bani. The saint passed away, attained moksha, in 1773 CE.