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Powerful Shiva Mantra to Overcome All Problems in Life

If you have attempted numerous solutions and if you are yet to find an answer to problems in your life, then it is time you tried this particular Shiva mantra.

A mantra is effective when you use it in the right way. Mantra should be chanted with full concentration. Your mind should never wander. Such intense should be the concentration that you should not even notice a raging bull coming towards you.

Mantras contain secret energy, which helps in alleviating all forms of negative energy.

The following mantra is very powerful and it should be chanted while offering sweet fragrance to Shiva.

The mantra is:

ॐ नमः श्वभ्यः श्वपतिभ्यश्च वो नमो नमो भवाय रुद्राय नमः। शर्वाय पशुपतये नमो नीलग्रीवाय शितिकण्ठाय च॥

The mantra should be chanted morning and evening daily for 108 days.