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Worship of Peepal Tree for Long Healthy Life

It is widely believed in Hindu tradition that worship of peepal tree is highly beneficial. One of the main benefits is that it provides long and healthy life to a person who worships it.

Peepal tree has the capacity to purify the air we breathe. When we breathe properly, we maintain a good health. Our brain works more efficiently.

Daily do pranam to the Peepal tree. Walk around it at least three times. Spend some time sitting under it.

If possible, chant the following mantra:

अश्वत्थ ह्युतझुग्वास गोविन्दस्य सदाप्रिय।
अशेषं हर मे पापं वृक्षराज नमोस्तुते
Ashwatha Hayuthchugvas govindasya sadapriya
Ashesham har mein papam vriksharaja namosutete

It is believed that planting peepal tree helps in getting rid of the sins of this birth and of all previous birth. Thus planting and protecting peepal tree helps in attaining moksha or liberation.