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Unwashed Vessels Lying All Through Night in Kitchen – Invitation for Bad Fortune

There are kitchens that have unwashed vessels lying all through night and day. As per Hindu belief, such homes are giving invitation to Alakhmi – the goddess of misfortune and bad luck. Griha Lakshmi and Goddess Annapurna (in Hinduism she is the goddess of food and nourishment) lives in the kitchen of a house. It is a well known fact that Goddess Lakshmi only resides in those places that are neat and clean.

Imagine what kind of progress will a house have if both Goddess Lakshmi and Annapurna are angry.

A dirty kitchen along with unwashed vessels attracts all forms of negative forces. Alakshmi, Rahu and Ketu like such places. Those homes will never have any luck. There will be enmity and fights among family members. Frustration, anger and health problems will be a constant affair. Chances of sudden death and suicides are high in such homes.

Always make sure that all vessels are cleaned before going to bed. Kitchen should be left neat and clean.

There are stories of Goddess Lakshmi and Annapurna cooking food at night. Annapurna is Maa Parvati and there are temples that have stories of her cooking food at night for her family.

Celestial beings and ancestors visit those homes that are clean and neat. They bless such homes in which they can eat and drink water.

From the point of view of good health, it is wise to wash all vessels before going to bed. Harmful bacterias and other insects like cockroaches thrive on such unwashed vessels. They cause numerous health issues.