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Hanuman Puja at Night – Benefits and How to Do the Puja?

Hanuman Puja at Night is beneficial for those who are unable to get proper sleep due to various reasons including fear. There are numerous other benefits of the puja. Below are the benefits of the pooja and how to perform Hanuman puja at night.

Hanuman Puja at Night – Benefits and How to Do the Puja?

Benefits of Hanuman Puja at Night

  • It helps in overcoming fear of ghosts and other harmful celestial beings.
  • The puja is ideal for those who are unable to get sleep at night.
  • It helps in defeating enemies.
  • Ideal option for those who believe that bad things are happening in life due to evil eye or due to evil pujas of enemies or due to activities of jealous people.
  • It is best option to keep out all forms of negative energy from house.

How to Do Hanuman Puja at Night?

  • The puja should be performed at night after 10:30 PM on the south side of the house.
  • A red color cloth should be kept on the south side and painting or murti (sculpture or idol) of Hanuman should be placed on it.
  • Light lamp using chameli oil (jasmine oil) mixed with sindoor. Four wick is preferred. A Chatur mukhi lamp should be prepared using urad dal atta (knead black gram flour – prepare four-faced lamp using the flour). If unable to make four-faced lamp, you can also offer separate lamps made using urad dal flour.
  • Offer sindoor.
  • Offer dhoop or agarbatti.
  • Offer karpoor.
  • Make nine knots on a thread and offer it to Hanuman.
  • Mix soaked urad and jaggery and offer it as Prasad. Next day morning this should be given to a cow.
  • Chant the following mantra 108 times using a Rudraksh Mala - हं हनुमते रुद्रात्मकाय हूं फट
  • The thread should be tied on right hand after the puja.