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Shani Mantra to Overcome Money Related Problems

Bad positioning of Shani in Janam Kundali or horoscope is believed to be a reason for money related troubles in life by many Hindus. There is a Shani Mantra which can help in overcoming the financial trouble.

Shani Mantra to Overcome Money Problems

sham shanischaraya namah
शं शनैश्चराय भव्याय नमः 

How To Chant the Mantra?

Chant the mantra on Saturday just after sunrise.
Wear black color clothes
Light a lamp using til ka tel (sesame oil)
Offer orange color flowers.
Dhoop of fragrant flowers.
Offer urad dal.
Offer jaggery mixed with Black Til as prasad or bhog.
Chant the mantra 108 times. Keep the count on a Rudraksha Mala.
Offer food to a cow.