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Unique Modern Temples in Chennai – That Fulfills Modern Desires

Desire is as old as the hills and the oceans. It reinvents itself; human beings have different desires in different periods. Depending on the desires, we make temples to fulfill those desires. Here are some unique modern temples in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. These temples fulfill the modern desires.

Visa Lakshmi Ganapati at Pazhavanthangal Vrindavan Nagar in Chennai 

Any visa related problems are solved by offering prayers here. All problems related to student visas, job visas etc are resolved here. The temple came to prominence in the 1990s after youngsters dreaming of US job visas had their dream fulfilled after offering prayers here.

The huge pool of youngsters who had no other dream other than an IT job in the USA used to visit the temple. Many of them got their dream jobs and thus the shrine became famous.

Cricket Ganesha at east Annai Satya Nagar in Anna Nagar in Chennai 

This Ganesha temple was built after the famous India – Australia cricket match in Chennai. The Ganesha idol here holds bat and ball. The other murtis in the shrine depict various cricket poses of Ganesha.

It is widely believed that if Ganesha blesses you, then you will win cricket matches. There are 10 different style Ganesh idols here. The most famous is the 11-headed Ganesha representing the cricket team.

American Anjaneyar at Nanganallur
Trouble in getting a visa to the USA, then offer prayers at Nanganallur Anjaneyar. It is said that even the toughest of the situations are easily solved on US visa matters after offering prayers at the Nanganallur Anjaneyar Temple.

The original temple is dedicated to Narasimha. The murti of Hanuman is located in front of the Bhagavan Sri Ram shrine in the temple complex.