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Alum in Hindu Pujas and Home – Fitkari Totke

Alum is known as Fitkari in Hinduism. Alum is a double sulphate of aluminum and potassium that is used as an astringent. Fitkari Totke or religious ritual or short process using Alum is widely employed by Hindus in certain regions.

Fitkari Totke is employed to avoid problems and accidents in home.

It is used to please Kuber, the treasure of wealth on earth.

There is a belief that fitkari totke will alleviate poverty and it will usher in peace and progress.

Fitkari Totke

  • Take 50 grams of Fitkari in a white cloth and keep it hidden in all rooms in the house. This will help in achieving peace and prosperity. The house will be blessed with Kuber. There will be no evil eye.
  • Take a block of Fitkari and keep it hidden in the living room (hall). This will help in keeping out evil eye and activity of enemies.
  • Keep alum block in a cupboard in bedroom this will help in improving relationship of family members.
Note - 

Fitkari should not be confused with rock sugar, misri, kalkanda, or kalkandam.
Alum should be kept out of sight of children.