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Sweet That Can Be Offered as Prasad or Bhog to Shani Bhagavan

Puja of Shani Bhagavan is offered daily by thousands of people and on Saturdays the number swells into millions. What is a simple sweet that can be offered as Prasad or bhog to please Shani Bhagavan and get his blessings? Prasad or Bhog or Naivedya is the food offering given to a deity to get blessings.

Any black or brown color sweet can be offered as Prasad or bhog to Shani.

The best options are:
  • Gulab Jamun
  • Black Halwa made especially in the South Indian state of Kerala.
  • Oil dripping roti is also considered an ideal option.
  • In some regions, special Kala Gulab Jamun is prepared. This is a very good offering to Shani Dev.
  • Sweet prepared using black urad dal is also considered a good option but it requires lot of preparation.