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Goddess Ankamma – Information About Goddess Ankamma

Ankamma is worshipped mainly in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. She is an important Mother Goddess in many villages. As villages grew into towns she became central figure in towns too. Her story was never written down but was conveyed orally from generation to generation.

Goddess Ankamma is worshipped in various forms. In some regions she is worshipped in idol form. In idol form, she has four hands and is in sitting posture.

In some regions especially in Andhra Pradesh she is worshiped in the form of painting made on wall with cowdung.

In some other regions, a square is made using turmeric paste and red dots of kumkum are put on the dried paste. The red dots represents the 1000 eyes o Goddess Ankamma. The belief is that the goddess looks at her devotees through the 1000 eyes and protects them from all evil forces.

She was worshipped mainly by Telugu speaking warrior community.

She is a fierce guardian deity and often equated with Goddess Kali. She was earlier appeased with blood. An important puja dedicated to her is observed at midnight and is known as Ankamma Kolupu.

Her temples are usually located outside the village in a groove. In ancient times there were no proper temples.

As per some belief, Ankamma is Goddess Parvati. One who sits on the lap of Shiva.

According to scholars Goddess Ankamma, is worshipped under numerous names in South India like Goddess Ankalamma, or Angalamma, Ammanga Devi, Angamma, Ankali, Angali, Mahankalamma, Ankala Parameswari and Angala Parameswari.