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Nature Has Innumerable Ways to Refresh Us

When you are disillusioned, take a walk in nature. Nature has innumerable ways to refresh us.

The magnificent sunrise gives us hope. Darkness cannot exist forever. Similarly, our problems and sadness will have to disappear eventually. The light of happiness will appear.


The moon that shines at night is a proof that someone is out there to protect to us when we sleep at night. Do not be sacred of darkness in life. Believe in that Supreme Truth. That Truth will guide us out of the darkness.

Clouds gather over the sun and completely covering it. This does not mean there is no Sun. Similarly, bad things in life can shake our belief in God. However, we need to realize that clouds are there because sun evaporated the water on earth. Bad things in life are often an opportunity for us to make the necessary changes and to have a clearer perspective of life. No cloud can stay forever; all clouds have to move away eventually.

The waxing and waning of moon is a quite reminder to us that life is an exciting game of ups and downs.