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Arista and Aparantajnana – Indication of the end of life In Hinduism

Arista is the indication of the end of life. Some yogis have knowledge of the time of their death this is known as Aparantajnana. Arista and Aparantajnana were mentioned by Sage Patanjali in the Yogasutra.

These powers are attained by concentrating the mind.

There are three types of Arista – spiritual, material and supernatural.

In spiritual arista, a person who is about to die in a short time does not hear the inner sound when the ears are closed, and does not see the inner flame when the eyes are closed.

In material arista, a person sees dreams of dreadful figures or one’s dead forefathers.

In super natural arista, a person sees gods, holy persons or sages in dreams.

A common man overlooks these happenings. But a yogi becomes aware of Arista.