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Why Knife And Scissors Are Not Sharpened In Hindu Homes By Women?

Knife and other sharp items used in kitchen and houses are not sharpened in many Hindu homes by women. There is a knife sharpener in each locality who is usually a man. So why are knifes and scissors not sharpened in Hindu homes by women.

Some people consider this as superstition.

It is not a superstition, but it is a kind of precaution. Sharpening knife and scissors is a risky task.

There is a risk of fingers being cut or bruised. Knife even today is sharpened on stone in India.

Therefore, women who use the knife and scissors in kitchen never sharpened them. They only used them.

Even today, the knife sharpener arrives in each home to sharpen the knife. You can find him in the local market in the evening. Even in towns and cities there will be a particular shop or place were knifes are sharpened.