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Yes – Everything is God

Yes – Everything is Godis an excerpt from, the book titled - When the Many Become One by Swami Ashokananda (Kolkata: Advaita Ashrama, 1997), 45-77.

Yes, everything is God and not less than God, anywhere. Everything is Brahman, everything is Spirit…

You can reach a state in which you look at things with these very eyes but you see something different from what you ordinarily see.

The sense forms stand aside and the true Reality – the spiritual Reality which everything is – becomes at once self-evident, directly perceived…

You will say, ‘You mean to say that if I change my ideas about a person, then instead of seeing that person I shall begin to see God?’ That is exactly what I mean. It can be done, it has to be done…

Beyond this body and beyond this mind there is an unlimited consciousness.

If I cannot give any limit to this consciousness, then it becomes the infinite conscious Being.

Form is made up of body and mind. But beyond this form is the real Being, and that real Being is the Divine Being.

An illusion is covering the face of Truth. Our prayer always is that this golden illusion, this alluring Maya, be removed so that we can see the face of God everywhere.

The Truth is already there within us, and the Truth is always shining everywhere around us.

Let us meditate on this truth until we too can see God in everything.