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Everyone Seeks Something Everlasting And Eternally Enduring

We live surrounded by something impermanent though everyone seeks something everlasting and eternally enduring.

Once, Holy Mother (Sarada Devi wife of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa) was seated on the porch of her house in Jairambati. Suddenly Kalikumar and Barada, Mother’s brothers, began to quarrel about a fence put up by Kalikumar. Soon they were about to come to blows. Their sister tried her utmost to calm them down, blaming both for the quarrel.

After a while, some of her disciples intervened and persuaded the brothers to stop arguing. Still abusing each other they went away.

In an excited mood, Holy Mother entered her own house. All of a sudden she burst into laughter and said: ‘What an illusion Mahamaya has conjured up! Here is this infinite world, and what one claims as his possession will be left behind at death. Still, men cannot understand this simple truth.’ As she uttered these words, she was convulsed with laughter which continued for some time.

Source – Vedanta Kesari Nov 2009 issue.