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Importance of Kuldevata and Kuldevi Puja in Hinduism

The concept of Kuldevata and Kuldevi is an essential part of Hinduism. Puja of Kuldevata and Kuldevi helps in avoiding all forms of untoward incidents in life. They also bless their descendants.

All Hindu families are descendants of a particular Rishi (ancient sage who were the mind born sons of Brahma). Hindus come to know about their gotra through the name of the Rishi. The Rishi is their Kuldevata and the wife of the Rishi is their Kuldevi.

Another form of Kuldevata and Kuldevi Puja is by identifying with a God and Goddess. An ancestor starts worshipping a particular form of God and Goddess mainly after receiving blessings from the deity. The descendants then continue to worship the particular deity. This concept is more prevalent in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, parts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Identifying Kuldevata and Kuldevi with Hindu gods and goddesses is more in vogue today.

Benefits of Kuldevata and Kuldevi Puja

The main benefit of the puja is that Kuldevata and devi created a raksha chakra (protective ring). This helps the family in keeping out all forms of negative energy.
  • Protection – no negative energy will be allowed to posses or attack the family.
  • Unity.
  • Spiritual and religious progress.
  • Protection from spirits and heavenly beings.
  • Peace and prosperity.
  • Good harvest.
  • Health children and healthy family.

How is Kuldevata and Kuldevi Puja Ignored or Forgotten?

Today many people have no knowledge about the their Kuldevata or Kuldevi. This is because of the following reasons.
  • When large extended family splits in nuclear families they often forget about Kuldevata and Kuldevi Puja.
  • Premature death of the senior most member of the family – he/she might not have shared the information to the younger members.
  • Change of religion.
  • Moving away from homeland to distant location.
  • Forced migration.
  • No respect for the values followed by ancestors.
  • Ignorance.
  • The location of Kuldevata was ignored and today there some other thing might have come up.

Problems families face due to not performing Kuldevata

  • During the initial period, there will be no problem in family as the ancestors might have performed pujas for a longer period.
  • Problems begin after six years when the protection provided by the Kuldevata cease to exist.
  • Only regular pujas can strengthen the power of Kuldevata.
  • There will be accidents in the family, untimely death, scandal, loss of wealth, lack of progress, legal issues, bad children, lack of understanding among family members and many other such problems.
  • Negative forces and disruptive beings will start to reside in such houses.


  • Even if you do not know your Kuldevata and Kuldevi, pray to them daily in mind while performing pujas.
  • Perform Shradh rituals without fail.
  • Once in a year perform annadanam or food donation. Feed cow and other animals.
  • Grow a Peepal or neem tree.